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Ready To GEt Real?

Gathering the Bitcoin Community

Connect with likeminded investors and learn from the world’s leading bitcoin experts.
S.  U.  P.  E.  R.  ₿.
Summit for Understanding Price, Economics and the Revolution of ₿itcoin

With friendly support

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SUPER₿ SUMMIT is brought to you by Bitcoin Reserve – Where Europe Buys Bitcoin


We are excited to welcome some of the best minds in the bitcoin space

Giacomo Zucco

Investor, Consultant, Bitcoin Expert

Stephan Livera

Investor & Podcashost

Obi Nwosu

CEO and co-founder of Coinfloor

Paul Rosenberg

Co-founder Of

Ben Perrin – BTC_Sessions

Host Of The BTC Sessions On Youtube

Andrew Howard

Chief Business Development Officer at Bitcoin Reserve

Chad Elwartowski

Investor and first Seasteader

John Vallis

Bitcoin Expert

Aleks Svetski

Founder Amber

Knut Svanholm

Author and Philosopher

Max Hillebrand 

Free Software Entrepreneur

Rene Pickardt


Lightning Scientist

Dominic Frisby
Writer Of Bitcoin: The Future of Money? 

Moritz Wietersheim 

Founder Of Specter Solutions

Cory Klippsten


Molly Spiers

Head of Marketing Coincorner

Max Krupyshev
CEO of

Katie The Russian

Maria Camila Campton  
Social Media Manager Of


Twitter & YouTube Influencer

Lina Seiche

Managing Director at the Btc Times

Giulio Puglisi

Daniel Winkelhammer

Founder Of

Surfer Jim

Lifelong surfer & entrepreneur




Yael Osowski
Deputy director at the Consumer Choice Center



Lifelong surfer & entrepreneur

Kenneth Kruger

CEO Moon

Pleb Music

Producer & Audio Editor for Bitcoin Magazine

Julian Liniger

Co-Founder & CEO Of Relai


Tim McElroy
Writer at


Bitcoin Ranger At BitcoinAndCows

Lando Rothbardian

 Owner Of

Andreas Jürgens

Danny Brewster 
Managing Director – 
Volker Herminghaus
Shadowy super coder

Leon Siegmund

Founder Bitcoin Club Malta



Thijs Maas Onramper

CEO At Onramper

Romain Rouphael

Building stuff At

Vit Jedlicka
President of Free Republic of Liberland

Bitcoin Gandalf

Bitcoin maximalist

Rui Gomes

Joshua Tate

CEO Of ForumPay

Mark E. Jeftovic 


Amit Jairath

Investor, Advisor & Journalist

Pavol Luptak


Lixin Liu



Working on Bitcoin Takeover

Christopher Attard

Writer, trader & freedom activist

Rahim Taghizadegan

Author, Professor, Entrepreneur, Engineer

Untapped Growth

Socratic thinker pursuing the underlying first principles.

Douglas Bakkum

Co-founder & CEO Shift Crypto

Christoph Heuermann

CEO Of  Staatenlos

Adella Toulon-Foerster

Legal And Financial Professional

Peter Young

Free Private Cities Foundation

Joshua Ellul

Chairman Malta Digital Innovation Authority

Michael Dupree

Founder Of EasyBit










Our speaker schedule is rocket fuel. It is packed with some of the smartest minds in the bitcoin community and the hottest panel discussions and urging topics. You will never be the same person after this event.
Our sweat and love went into creating this SUPERB agenda so it deserves a dedicated page.




We are partnering with the leading virtual events platform Hopin. Enjoy a seamless experience and join from any device anywhere in the world. On top of that, you can easily network, chat and connect with other participants and speakers or join workshops.

Why this Summit?


The Superb Summit is here to connect likeminded investors and bitcoin experts and find new ways to showcase the bitcoin industry.

There is always more that we can do to bridge the gap between the bitcoin world and the outside world.

As global travel is stifled by government measures, we want to do our best to provide you with a meaningful, entertaining and insightful program.

So see this as a warm-up party until we return to real world events.


Oh no, another Online Conference?


We are aware that a virtual event cannot replace the real deal and therefore we decided that a virtual event needs it’s own unique purpose.

Of course the foundation of the summit remains quality content. We are all for hot panel debates, open, interactive discussion and hands-on workshops.

However, we feel that that’s not enough.

Therefore we came up with the idea that the Superb Summit should have a quest…




The tension between the open, decentralized bitcoin protocol on the one side and powerful regulators and governments on the other side is increasing.

Banks, exchanges and now even wallet providers are under pressure to follow ever more harsh compliance demands.

An enormous amount of misinformation and FUD is constantly being published to discredit bitcoin.

Now more than ever it’s time to get active and educate about the positive impact bitcoin will have on the planet.

Join the SUPER₿ QUEST and win $500 and more.

The quest:

Produce  creative work that will hit the headlines and jump the trending charts of social media platforms. Break the algo!

You can submit video, image, performance, audio, text or any other format. Even just the concept or an idea can be submitted.

The objective is that your work has the potential to spread around the world, excite and surprise people and bring awareness to bitcoin and the power of bitcoin DCA in a positive way.

Excluded are scams or applications affiliated with a specific business.
All applications will be displayed and the community will vote. 

The winner will receive the funds that we raise from contributions to the quest fund and we will help facilitate a marketing campaign to scale the idea (if necessary).

Meet the Team

Who is behind the SUPER₿ SUMMIT?

Commissario Morino



a.k.a. Pleb Music



Web designer @OnlineSpydy





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